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Odd and Tidbits about Art Outside Comics: Whimsical Hurricanes

While I have been drawing comics and creating stories over the years, I have created arts outside of comics, and some of them were for school assignments and presentations! A few of my favorites were from last year when I created a few pieces for the final presentation at the end of summer internship. I have been working on research project that involved coding in MATLAB to build a logistical regression model for predicting rapid intensification in tropical cyclones*. That was a lot of work with verifying the performance of model with observed data! (Insider tip: If you are planning to go into STEM field, pick up on computer skills, especially coding!)

Ten weeks, over 1,000 lines of code in MATLAB, and hours of debugging, I had the final presentation to complete. I thought a few cartoon hurricanes would spice it up a little. Two came to mind: Florence and Michael. The third one was from a separate work based on pun... hurricane party. (If you're planning to have hurricane party, please evacuate if ordered to first then have a good ol' hurricane party in safer place.)

*Tropical cyclones is umbrella term for hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tropical storms, and tropical depressions

If you plan on adding art to presentation, keep it relevant to presentation, and make sure it's safe for work! Use them sparingly. Mine was on forecasting rapid intensification in tropical cyclones, and the case studies included Hurricanes Michael and Florence along a few additional storms.

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