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I have been writing comics as hobby for years, and I decided to try pushing myself out and share my stories. I was a kid who used to love reading comics and dreamed of drawing and sharing my own comics. My old comics used to range from whimsical chess pieces to speculative wartime scenario. A few months ago, I was still recovering from a trip to emergency room when I decided to doodle a few characters. I wrote down some random ideas as well. I suddenly had new ideas for comics. Then, I started out outlines and basic story structure after learning how to make good stories and preparing for comics the hard ways from my past experiences. I was forced to give it a break since I was buried with physics and engineering courses, but I decided to come back to them and do more prep work. One character sheet down... I was pondering whether I should give it a shot and show a little now? Given that we are just a few months into COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I should go ahead and give it a try since I do not see myself being out in public so much until it passes. That means more time for comics! I also wanted to give people something to read and enjoy to pass the time during the crisis and beyond.

Now, I am just getting started with some scripts and concept art down already. I will upload some contents on this site this weekend. I also hope to set up donation within a few weeks as well. Plus, I will have bonus contents including some of my old art.

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