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A Steep Learning Curve

I tried to record myself making a real quick piece in an experiment and upload it to YouTube... and COPPA laws were "fun" to deal with. Gonna be really careful, and the video is intended for general audience. (Parents, please be responsible of what you kids watch online, and I'd recommend PBS Kids streaming services for a good starter.)

I ended uploading one hour video of myself making this (not my best) piece of Draw That Again Challenge. Now, I am researching for programs to make timelapse of drawing. Also, man, I need to tweak my two laptops (Surface Pro for drawing and programming and a monster HP laptop for editing, very heavy programming/development, data management, and AutoCAD). The Surface Pro has i5 processor with 8 GB RAM and the HP has i7 with 16 GB RAM. The specs were nice with good SSDs which helped me a lot with my classwork and other projects! It would be interesting to connect both of them, but I am still learning. Hopefully, I would be able to make a timelapse version of my original video.

So about the piece... I took a scene from an old comic of mine that I made in middle school and drew it again eight years later. I must have really weird and childish humor back then. If you want to watch the video to check it out, take your mind off COVID-19 pandemic, or whatever, I have link below. It's about an hour.


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